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Goes back to at least 1910


The photo on the right shows Alfred Tomlinson who lived in Beehive Yard Bampton where he had stables. He decorated his dray for a carnival which is photographed at the north end of Green Lane

Carnival 1910


We believe that every community deserves to have days that everyone can enjoy whether they have money or not. Tupton Celebrates Together organise the annual Tupton Carnival and Tupton Christmas Festival we are a small band of volunteers who work year round to bring the best events we can for our village and surrounding areas. Tupton Carnival was revived 15 years ago and has gone from strength to strength with Carnival Royals, a parade, acts in the arena such as Viking Reenactment, local dance groups and marching bands, a new growing food court area offering burgers to Jamaican street food, community and charity stalls, a small fairground area as well as a workshop area so people can try something new for free that has been used in previous years for such things as circus skills and African drumming. Tupton Christmas Festival provides a market for local people to buy from local artisans so they can buy something unique for that special someone as well as a vehicle parade, Santa's Grotto and entertainment inside the village hall all afternoon provided by local groups and professionals for people to enjoy while they sit with a cuppa after it gets dark we have a lantern parade with local children and Santa who sing carols to people who may not have been able to get out of their homes followed by the tree lighting by our Carnival Queen. Our aim is to provide as much as possible for free so everyone can join in however due to the increased costs of insurances we need more financial support. Please help us give back to this fantastic community that has been through so much and still sticks together.



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