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Tupton Carnivals

Goes back to at least 1910


The photo on the right shows Alfred Tomlinson who lived in Beehive Yard Bampton where he had stables. He decorated his dray for a carnival which is photographed at the north end of Green Lane

Carnival 1910


Do you want to be one of Tupton's Carnival Royals , Prince or Princess or even Carnival King or Queen?

Click below to download the Application Form

Applications have to be in by 30 March 2018.

The requirements to be a Royal are they must either live in Tupton or have a genuine connection to Tupton i.e family, work or school.

For more information go to our Facebook page.


Scarecrow and Carnival Themes This year can be taken from any one of the following:-

100th anniversary of end of WW1

100 years since foundation of RAF

70 years since foundation of NHS

65 years since Coronation of Queen Elizabeth ll

65 years since Everest first climbed by British man - occurred on same day as coronation



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